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A new way to own a gym.Low cost. Low overhead.

Using technology and over 60 years combined experience building successful fitness franchises, our team will show you how a MyFit18 is unlike any other fitness franchise.

No Employees

Low Cost To Open

24/7 Global Access

That's right. Our fitness centers have no full time employees. You just need a clean-up crew to come in a few times a week.

Expect to spend as little as $50k to open your fitness center, including a modest $15,000 franchise fee.
Financing Available.

Your members will have access to every fitness center in our system whenever they want. Key selling point!

You Are Still In Control

While we are going to provide you with the best technology and branding in the gym industry, we require only 18 pieces of equipment. The rest is up to you to decide!


Learn more about franchise opportunities from VP of Franchising Marty Flanagan.


Your members will love having 24/7 access to a fitness center with these benefits.

Easy to Start & Stop

No Sales. Just Sweat.

No Overcrowding

An exclusive fitness center with a limited number of memberships to ensure the best experience.

Members can start and stop from our app - a better experience for them and less hassle for you.

Give members the control and flexibility they want and leave the stress and staff overhead behind.


Step 1 - Introduction Call

Very quickly after you fill out the form above, we will call you and make our introductions. We want to get to know you and learn if MyFit18 is a good fit for you and if you are just the pioneer we are looking for.

Step 2 - Review the FDD

Right after your intro call, we will send you our Franchise Disclosure Document. Review this with an attorney and schedule a followup meeting to answer questions.

Step 3 - Select Territory

Territories are going quickly. Make sure you lock in your territory as soon as possible. To do this, work with your Franchise Development Representative to determine your best options.

Step 4 - Secure Funding

We have multiple lenders waiting for you if you need help. If you think you can open your clubs without a loan, then all we need to do is verify that you have the funds. Easy!

Step 5 - Sign Docs & Pay Franchise Fee

What a fun day! You officially become a franchisee and we start supporting you through the process of opening your very own MyFit18 on day 1.

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You've been thinking about opening your own gym.
What's stopping you now?

Take the first step with the right company that wants to stand shoulder to shoulder with you while you build an amazing club.

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